Education & outreach#

Workshops with JHU URSCA#

Working with JHU’s Office of Undergraduate Research, Scholarly and Creative Activity (URSCA), we run a very brief pair of Introduction to Python sessions for undergraduates who are on campus for summer research, as well as a one-session Introduction to Data Analysis.

Introduction to Python#

You can access the notebooks at

To launch them in Google Colab:

  • Use this link

  • Or,

    1. Go to

    2. Click File -> Open notebook

    3. Choose the “GitHub” tab.

    4. Search for repositories by “dbeller8” and select “dbeller8/URSCA-Python”

    5. Open any of the .ipynb files.

Introduction to Data Analysis#

Click this link to launch the Google Colab notebook:

An introduction to scientific computation in soft matter and statistical physics#

These activities were developed and presented by the Beller Group at the CREST Science and Computing Research Summer Program / CCBM Virtual Sessions. The links below are to Jupyter Python notebooks that open and run in-browser through Google’s Colab platform. Each notebook contains a link to activity descriptions, designed for a high-school level and approximately 1-hour sessions.

  • Forest fire Colab notebook

  • Cahn-Hilliard Phase Separation (“Oil and Vinegar”, see screenshot below) Colab notebook

  • Disease Spread Model (SEIR) by Jimmy Gonzalez Nuñez Colab notebook

    Cahn-Hilliard simulation

    Cahn-Hilliard simulation